Corporate overview

APC has launched the Enterprise Management Solutions, a fully integrated, open-platform, vendor-neutral suite of software applications to manage your data center’s IT physical infrastructure throughout its entire lifecycle. From design and deployment, to day-to-day operations and monitoring, to planning for capacity and growth, APC solutions give you unsurpassed visibility, validation, and control over the physical layer.

While tools to manage the digital layer – servers, software applications, data ports – have been around for a long time, there haven’t been intelligent tools to support the physical layer (power, cooling, racks, security and fire protection, cabling, environmental monitoring). Until now.


Data center design has become too complex to perform efficiently by hand. APC’s award-winning one-of-a-kind InfraStruXure Designer application cuts planning time from hours to just minutes – and ensures the highest degree of availability.


Make sure your data center is up and running as it should be. The InfraStruXure Central application lets you monitor, manage, and control your IT physical infrastructure devices – regardless of vendor – anywhere on the network.


Data centers aren’t static: equipment is constantly being moved, new devices added, old ones removed. APC has developed change and capacity management applications that will tightly control the processes for managing such changes.

As the leading supplier of power, cooling, and racks for data centers, APC is uniquely positioned to address the complexities of managing the physical layer. Competitively, no software vendor, no IT device manufacturer, no systems or network management company can match APC’s combination of experience in data center design, buildout, and operation; power and cooling expertise; and cutting-edge thought leadership. With the largest R&D budget in the world devoted to IT physical infrastructure issues, APC has invest heavily in the Enterprise Management Solutions. The result is software power and sophistication never before seen in a physical layer management server, completely redefining the level of control possible. 

While traditional approaches to physical infrastructure management have focused on individual functions or relied on proprietary tools that manage vendor-specific products, APC Enterprise Management Solutions adopt a full-lifecycle approach that integrates the different functions into one open, intelligent tool – no matter whose equipment you use.

Monitoring Appliances

IP-based security and environmental monitoring solutions that are customizable and scalable.

InfraStruXure® Central

A centralized physical infrastructure management platform for organizations that need real-time device monitoring and immediate event notification. InfraStruXure Central gives customers the ability to quickly assess and resolve critical situations within the physical layer, from wiring closets to large datacenters.

InfraStruXure® Central Pilot Paks

Essential hardware and software needed to deploy a pilot implementation of a surveillance and environmental monitoring system.

Rack Access

Network appliances enabling remote and local authentication for your NetShelter SX enclosures.

Add-on Products

Extend the capabilities of your environmental and security monitoring appliances with sensors and cameras.

Product Accessories

Mounting brackets and cables that complete your NetBotz installation.

Extended Warranty Programs

Extend your investment into the future with an extended warranty program.

Premium Software Modules

Additional software functionality that enhances the functionality of a NetBotz appliance, used in conjunction with the Extended Warranty Programs.

Web Services

Tools needed to integrate their NetBotz appliances into their customer solutions and existing software infrastructure.