Premium Line

Corporate overview

Your Professional Partner of Structured Cabling System

Premium Line has over 20 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing data cabling products. With this strength and a comprehensive product series for data communication cabling use, Premium Line has the leading edge over a worldwide market. Premium Line has successfully cooperated with numerous certified teams to accomplish hundreds of projects over the world.

Quality & Service

Premium Line has dedicated teams responsible for internal quality monitoring and systematic product upgrading. These teams are also responsible for technical support, customer satisfaction and service maintenance. All products are verified from the input of raw materials during manufacturing and continuously monitored until installation has been completed.

Third Party Lab Certification Support

With third party Lab Certification including 3P, ETL certification for electrical performance, UL & (C)UL for sheath flaming, Premium Line is available to provide a full range of product certifications to satisfy worldwide market and project requirements.

25 Years Cabling System Warranty

Premium Line guarantees all data links for 25 years, where the network consists of Premium Line’s own brand of network components and has been installed by authorized installers.

Our Advantages

  • 25 Year System Warranty – Guarantees data networks for 25 years which consists of Premium Line products
  • Cabling Training and Certification courses
  • Dedicated R&D team for new product development
  • Professional sales team for worldwide marketing guidance
  • Plant based Product Management & Logistics team for technical, quality and shipment support


Category 6A+ Cabling Solutions

A 10GBASE-T system requires duplex mode cabling, which means it requires 4 pairs for simultaneous transmission in both directions. To support 100m data transmission it must use Category 6A cabling with 500MHz at a minimum.

Premium Line Category 6A+ 1000MHz communication cable, with a significantly higher bandwidth to provide a better “data path”, guarantees a stable and practical 10G network capable of supporting higher speed application.

For future data network upgrades, Premium Line 1000MHz cable has been designed to ensure the bandwidth will be compatible with the changes and developments in network speeds. It also assists with system upgrades as one merely needs to change the modules on either side of permanent links.


Category 6A Cabling Solution

As with the past upgrade from 100Mb/s to 1Gb/s, standards are expected to increase to 10G for structured cabling systems in the mass market. Bandwidth will be the key issue for many applications in the near future. So it will be important to invest in 10G-enabled twisted pair structured cabling solutions.

Premium Line 10G Cat6A cabling solution provides transmission performances that exceed the industry standards for Category6 parameters and supports the operation of 10GBASE-T over 100-meters. 10G Cat6A cabling solutions are qualified for frequencies up to 500MHz and deliver guaranteed applications.


Category 6 Cabling Solution

Currently, the Category6 is the most popular structured cabling solution. Premium Line offers a comprehensive product range including communication cables, keystone jacks, compact outlets, patch panels and patch cables, as well as a solution and system warranty. All these products and solutions’ performance has been verified and approved by third party laboratories – “3P” and “ETL”. After years of sustained positive results in the market, as well as regular systematic upgrading of the products, Premium Line assures you of great benefits in both quality and cost.


Category 5e Cabling Solution

Premium Line supplies complete Category5e solutions and components, which comply with ANSI/TIA 568-C.2, ISO/IEC 11801 ED.2, EN 50173-1 standards. The Category5e channel is guaranteed to fully support the corresponding protocols & communication services over 100m. Moreover, as a German brand, Premium Line provides you complete EU ROHs compliant solutions.

The recent increase in Ethernet services like IP phones and cameras, security and control systems, intelligence home systems, etc. has expanded the traditional Cat5e cabling market. Premium Line will always provide you with exceptional Category5e solutions and warranties.


Fibre Optic Solution

Optic Fiber

Made with silicon dioxide (SiO2), it has a core diameter of 9um-single mode, 62.5um-OM1 and 50um–OM2/OM3, with 125um refraction cladding. This light signal transmission supports long distance and high speed data transmission & telecommunication.


Premium Line’s Fibre Optic solution includes a full range of optic devices, fiber optic cables and accessories like pigtails, patch cords, adapters and terminal boxes. Premium Line also offers components with low attenuation loss control which combined with fiber optic cables supports the complete channel.



Data Center Cabinet

Network Server Cabinet

Premium Line 19’ server and wall mount cabinets meet the international standards ANSI /EIARS-310-C19, ANSI /EIARS-310-D, IEC 297-3, IEC 529 and DIN 40050.

Premium Line server cabinets are available in standard 19”, 600 × 800, 800 × 800 sizes, as well as non-standard sizes – Available in 27U, 32U, 37U, 42U with high strength toughened glass or perforated metal front doors, all with a maximum 800kg static loading.

Wall Mount Cabinet

Premium Line wall mount cabinets are popular in single section or dual section design and offer a maximum 60kg static loading. Available in 19” 600 × 450, 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U and 18U as a key lockable design and glass front door.



Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Premium Line provides various types of power outlets and power cords. Most PDU’s are 1U in height and suited for standard 19” cabinet installation. Premium Line’s standard PDU comes with a lighted master switch and additional functions like surge protection, current display and 1.5U size options.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A UPS is an electrical apparatus which provides emergency power when the input power source is suddenly shut down. This protects the exchange server and telecommunication equipment from damage and reduces the chances of data loss.