Molex Premise Networks

Corporate overview

Molex Incorporated is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic, electrical and fibre optic interconnection products and systems, switches and application tooling. Based in Lisle, Illinois, USA, the company has over 70 years experience and operates 39 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries.

Molex engineering design groups employ the latest tools, systems and technology to develop products that anticipate changing customer demands and industry trends. The company’s integrated approach to product development involves both Molex experts in R&D, sales, marketing and design engineering.

For over 30 years Molex has manufactured comprehensive UTP, FTP and Optical Fibre cabling products suitable for the transmission of voice, data and video imaging signals. As one of the original pioneers of structured cabling Molex has provided state-of-the-art communication solutions to some of the biggest organisations in the world.


MIIM™ Advanced Physical Layer Management (APLM) is a revolutionary system that enables complete real-time monitoring of the physical channel, while supporting easy communication to higher level SNMP based network management tools. This comprehensive solution focuses on enhancing network management at the physical layer, including network security, asset management, and MAC and Work Order management. MIIM’s unique capability to detect channel changes instantly provides the IT Manager with total visibility of the physical channel resulting in new, innovative applications and more effective management of the physical layer network.


PowerCat™ 6A

The Molex Category 6A solution is an optimum speed structured cabling solution offering superior performance where speed, reliability, future proofing or long term tenancy is required. The product range includes the PowerCat 6A die-cast Shielded RJ45 Connector, Robust 24 and 48 port panels supplied with equally robust cable management trays,  U/FTP Cable and shielded patch cords. The PowerCat 6A solution is the ideal enterprise structured cabling choice for business enterprises looking to secure network performance for the future.


PowerCat™ 6

The PowerCat™ 6 range of Category 6 shielded and unshielded products is a high performing end-to-end copper solution. Featuring the DataGate Jack with its unique spring-loaded shutter to protect from contaminants and eject improperly seated patch cords, this solution also consists of cable, patch panels, patch cords and work area modules. The PowerCat 6 solution provides a significant leap in performance and data transmission capability when compared to Category 5e.


PowerCat™ 5E

The PowerCat™ range of Category 5e compliant products provide a high performance end-to-end UTP copper solution, designed to meet and exceed all relevant international performance standards. Consisting of cable, patch panels, patch cords, work area modules and consolidation points the PowerCat solution provides a reliable and cost effective option for your cabling infrastructure needs.

Lightband™ Optical Fibre

Molex manufactures some of the most comprehensive fibre systems in the structured cabling market, incorporating a variety of connector technologies such as; ST®, Duplex SC, MT-RJ® and LC. Molex offers total fibre solutions ideal for either Backbone or To-The-Desk applications. The Molex fibre product range consists of management panels, enclosures, adaptors, patch cords, splicing equipment, field termination connectors, tool kits and testers.

ModLink™ Plug & Play Fibre and Copper

Molex’s ModLink™ system is a cost-effective, quick and easy plug and play system available in both copper and fibre. The ModLink system provides premium factory-controlled optical performance, enabling flexible system configuration and fast, economical installation. Plug and play solutions are ideal for installations where quality and speed of implementation are paramount, and are ideal for high density environments such as data centres, storage area networks (SAN’s) and server rooms.


Cable Management

Cable Management is an important part of any installation. Combining aesthetics with functionality, the Molex range of rack mountable cable management products offer cable management with minimal effort, ensuring long term manageability of the wiring closet.