Precision ICT

Corporate overview

Precision ICT – Africa’s Leading Manufacturer of Server Racks

Precision ICT products are engineered with both you and your technology in mind, and Precision ICT solutions support every element of your application – from audio/video and multimedia equipment, to complex monitoring systems, to rack-mount and tower servers, to extensive cabling operations, and much more!

Precision ICT is a South African PTY LTD company which operates out of a 10 000m², state of the art factory near Sandton in South Africa.  The company has been ISO 9001:2008 certified by DQS GmbH and has maintained an ISO certification since 24-02-2004. Although the company does already produce ICT Racking systems that are environmentally compliant, the company is presently in the process of updating its ISO 14000 status - again through an international ISO organisation, DQS GmbH.

Global Footprint

Precision ICT manufactures and supplies a complete range of electronic enclosures to Sub-Saharan Africa, Dubai, West Africa and the United Kingdom, with rack installations throughout Africa and Europe.


Solutions for the Entire Industry

As an experienced player in racking and enclosures, Precision ICT have the all the equipment, skill and experience to produce world-class racking solutions such as:

  • High density enterprise racks
  • Standard racking systems for small to medium business
  • IP Rated enclosures for adverse environments
  • EMI/EMF rated enclosures for sensitive equipment
  • Environmentally managed racks for total data centre functionality at remote sites
  • Wall-mounted racking systems
  • Custom racks for individual requirements
  • Accessories such as remotely managed power distribution units, UPS, cable management systems, and more.

Precision ICT works closely with the sales channel to ensure that the end product best addresses the customer’s requirements.

Manufacturing Process

Design: Precision ICT products are proudly ISO9001: 2008 certified by DQS GmbH - Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen. Through our ISO management system and OSH teams, Precision ICT continuously strives to not only produce exceptionally high quality products, but to do this in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly practices.

Procurement: Timely and efficient delivery of material and parts is fundamental to achieving a smooth production schedule and meeting the customer’s expectations. Precision ICT has strategic, well established supply partners and with these partnerships they deliver reliable supply chain solutions. The company's established policy is to concentrate spend rather than dilute purchase power. The procurement staff are experienced in sourcing components from anywhere in the world to attain the required balance between price and delivery performance.

Manufacturing: Precision ICT's advanced CNC based manufacturing plant is housed in a 10 000m² factory, and with a permanent staff complement of 125 and a material feeder inventory in excess of 2000 enables us to manufacture an extensive range of products. The skilled workforce can produce one-off prototypes, pre-production batches or volume production assemblies, from simple enclosures to complex, fully integrated products.

Material Used: C quality cold rolled steel (Flatness Critical) 0.9 to 2.0. Aluminium (1200H4 Grade) 0.9 to 3.0 Hot rolled Pickled & Oiled 2.5 & 3.0 Various grades of Stainless, From 3CR12 to 316L, 0.9 to 2.0

Designs: The latest AutoCAD and 3D Solid Works are used as design tools. DXF files produced from “Flat Pattern” drawings.

Punching Process (4 off): The DXF file is used in Tops 300 software to produce NC programs on 3 Trumpf Punching machines. Also on our floor is a new Amada machine. DXF files sent directly to the CNC machine through Amada programming.

Bending (5 off): Sophisticated CNC Bend Pressbrakes used (85 Ton) - three Amada and two Trumpf machines.

Welding: Precision ICT make use of various welding methods, including TIG, CO2 and spot welding.

Dressing: Grinding, sanding & radius filing

Coating: The latest and most sophisticated, totally automated powder coating plant in the industry, complete with 7 Stage Cleaning, Phosphate sealing for rust prevention. Both in-line and batch powder coating.

Assembly & Dispatch: After all the necessary procedures are followed and the quality team is satisfied, only then are the components assembled and wrapped or flat-packed.


SmartRac III

For high-density data centre applications.
The SmartRac III is a leading solution in high-density data centre requirements. With purpose-built interchangeable kits, the SmartRac frame acts as the basis for a server, copper MDF, fibre MDF or network rack. Other features that make the SmartRac the best choice for a data centre racking solution include a sliding panel mount system and access control options such as fingerprint readers.


Diamond Range

For general storage of infrastructure.
The Diamond range of cabinets has been developed for use in medium sized business, for general infrastructure enclosure requirements. With the unique challenges that each data centre or server room present in mind, the Diamond has the ability to adapt to every situation with such features as vertically split doors and drop-in fan tray options.


Emerald Range

A cost-effective rack space solution.
The Emerald cabinet has been designed with costs in mind. While offering all that is required to safely house IT equipment, the NetRac provides a great balance between budget and functionality.



When heat is a concern.
The CoolRac range of cabinets is purpose built to facilitate the cooling of the enclosed equipment. Available in a standard rack format, or in an IP65 rated model, the CoolRac boasts an air conditioning unit as standard.


-          CoolRac

-          IP Rated CoolRac


-          IP Cabinet Spec

-          Ruby Range


Wall Box

When floor space is a problem.
Precision ICT produce an extensive range of wall-mounted racks to cater to the individual requirements of each end user. Options available include standard 4U-18U wallboxes, vertical and side mounted racks, 10” boxes, swingframes, and more.


-          Addington Hospital Wall Box

-          Diamond Wall Box

-          Emerald Wall Box


Intelligent Racking Systems - Thermal Containment/SmartPOD

For high-density data centre applications.
Precsion ICT's cold aisle containment solution further increases cooling efficiency in a data centre environment by separating the cold and hot aisles, thus providing one of the ‘greenest’ data centre environments possible. To accommodate the requirements of each and every site, Precision ICT’s thermal containment solutions are available in seven configurations, ranging from cold aisle closed loop containment to closed row containment.


-          Closed Loop Cold Aisle


When a server room is not possible.
The EnviroRDC 5 is the latest generation in a range of environmentally monitored and managed racks. Designed to replicate data centre functionality, the EnviroRDC 5 provides a fully enclosed turnkey solution to intelligent infrastructure storage with features such as fire detection & prevention, air conditioning, environment monitoring & alerting, fingerprint access control, and more.


-          Environmental Cabinet EV5RDC

-          Environmental Cabinet RDC3


To complete Precision ICT’s total solutions offering, a range of intelligent products are available as retro-fit items in our racks.


-          Fan Trays

-          Fibre Optic Raceway

-          Telescopic Sliding Shelf